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Raspberry Pi and OMXPlayer

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Hi All,

I have installed OMXPlayer using

sudo apt-get install omxplayer

right click any video file > open with and i just typed in omxplayer the the box
and file started playin in fullscreen but there is no control i have to watch the video forcibly till the end, the playback is real smooth though.

Audio comes from the Audio Jack not via HDMI there might be some configs but i havent explored it much.

Edit After a little bit of more tinkering

Everything is run from console now.

To use omxplayer, the system must allocate at least 64MB of RAM for the GPU. Run the script and make sure there is a 192/64 Mb of RAM split between the system and GPU. A split of 128/128 can also be used:
$ sudo rpi-update 192
$ sudo reboot

omxplayer --help
Options :
-h / --help print this help
-a / --alang language audio language : e.g. ger
-n / --aidx index audio stream index : e.g. 1
-o / --adev device audio out device : e.g. hdmi/local
-i / --info dump stream format and exit
-s / --stats pts and buffer stats
-p / --passthrough audio passthrough
-d / --deinterlace deinterlacing
-w / --hw hw audio decoding
-3 / --3d switch tv into 3d mode
-y / --hdmiclocksync adjust display refresh rate to match video

To Play File
$omxplayer Filename.mp4

Keys To Control Playback
Arrow Keys : Move ahead and back
Space : Pause
Q : Quit to console

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